easter basket stuffers for kids

ever since i left oregon nearly 8 years ago, i've missed out on things like easter and birthdays with my niece and nephews. i make sure to send them birthday gifts every year, but easter always sort of sneaks up on me, along with valentine's day, and other little holidays. this year i'm sure to spend easter with my newest nephew (on my wife's side), and we can't wait to throw together a tiny basket for him. here, a few items that caught my eye, a mix for young and old-ish. enjoy! xo


one: a tiny dustpan and broom, for helping with spring cleaning

two: jelly beans, because every easter basket needs them!

three: these sweet wooden buses and cars in the perfect spring hues

four: a classic tale

five: a book about eggs, accompanied by the most beautiful illustrations (also look for the nest, butterfly, and seed editions!)

six: possibly the sweetest bunny i've ever seen, and it rattles

seven: seeds bombs, need i say more?

eight: a perfect sunny day, weekend activity

nine: a chocolate spring bumper crop

ten: linden wood eggs for sorting and hiding

eleven: a jump rope, for a little spring in your little one's step